Tip List for Business Owners

Prepare yourself for success

Succeeding on purpose is a lot easier to duplicate that succeeding by accident.  Preparing a plan with measurable goals and objectives will help you navigate your business.

Find a confidant that can play devil’s advocate

It is important to have someone in your inner circle that will challenge your thought process and ask the right questions.  Have the courage to poke holes in your own assumptions before you take products/services to market.  It’s better to find out you are on the wrong track before your customers or competition tells you.

Out loud accountability

Announcing your intentions out loud provides your peers to support you and hold you accountable.  Do

you have a peer group?  Accountability groups and Mastermind groups are a great resource.


Your time is limited.  Apply your efforts towards the highest and best use of your time and talent.  If someone else can do it faster and cheaper, you might as well give the task away.  You need to be handling the things only YOU can do!

Leverage your relationships

You have allies, assets and acquaintances at your fingertips, use them.  Identify your needs, nurture relationships, and develop strategic partnerships.  –Be bigger than just you…

Hire (Align) well

Know your core values.  Live your core values.  Hire and create strategic partnerships with others that share the same core values.  It’s much easier to describe your vision to someone who is coming from the same place.